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Friday, September 02, 2005

Mo Leverett: Music, Ministries and Natural Disasters

I don’t know as much about music as many of my co-conspirators, but I highly recommend the music of Mo Leverett. Mo’s music can be found at Justice Road Productions. I first heard Mo when he played at my church in Atlanta a few years ago and I was very impressed with his music.

What makes Mo special, besides his musical talent, is that he is a full time minister of the Gospel. But Mo is not just your run-of-the-mill suburban preacher. Mo has been called to minister to people in some of the very poorest sections of New Orleans, the Desire Street housing projects. Mo moved in the neighborhood and founded Desire Street Ministries in the early ninties:

“Mo began his youth outreach as a volunteer football coach at the local high school with a vision is to see Desire become a desirable place to live. To this day our mission is to revitalize the Desire neighborhood through spiritual and community development.”
Desire street is one of the neighborhoods that has been decimated by the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Here is a map of New Orleans with the location of DSM and here is a satellite picture (another here).

If New Orleans is going to be rebuilt, it will take the leadership and sacrifice of a thousand Mo Leveretts. If you can, please support Desire Street Ministries. At the very least pray for Mo and the people of Desire Street. The ministry has been wiped out by the hurricane and will have a very difficult time getting up and running again.

Update: Here is the latest from Desire Street Ministries

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