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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Purging Christ from Christmas

What is it about our culture that causes people to cleanse religious holidays of their religious symbols and meanings? What I often hear is that certain religious symbols offend certain non-religious people. Or that certain symbols offend people with different religious beliefs.

More specifically, Christmas is being cleansed of Christ and Christian symbolism. Under the rubric of not offending anyone, Merry Christmas becomes Happy Holidays. Christmas Trees become Holiday Trees. Christmas songs become holiday songs. I suppose this is fine, because offending people is bad, right?

But I also think there is a spiritual reason that some people are offended by Christmas: The Gospel itself is offensive. It has nothing to do with trees or songs or nativity scenes.

The Gospel is a radical, offensive statement that goes against just about everything that the atheist or agnostic stands for.

We are all sinners. We cannot save ourselves. Only God can save us. Only Christ’s death and resurrection is sufficient. Repent and believe.

This is the Truth that the world seeks to purge from Christmas.

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