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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Smoking bans improve health

From the November 28, 2005 Businessweek print edition:
Heart attack rates fell by 27% in the 18 months after a 2003 ban on smoking in all public spaces took effect in Peublo, Colo., a city of 104,000 people.

Of smoking bans and nicotine fits
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The study was by an anti-smoking group and the change was attributed to a decrease in second-hand smoke, therefore I'm skeptical of the results. But if the results can be verified and duplicated, expect to see just about every city in the nation enact smoking bans. It's not too hard to justify a ban if you can show a decrease in public health costs (e.g., fewer people admitted to public hospitals).

While I don't like bans in restaurants and bars, I tend to support bans in true public places.

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