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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Arianna and Self-Awareness

True comedy at The Huffington Post usually means the unintended kind. Arianna herself has a thoughtful, eloquent, and uplifting contribution to political discourse titled "Is Sean Hannity Addicted to Coulter Crack?" In it she has pictures of Hannity and others before and after using meth--the analogy being that Ann Coulter is the meth addiction of the Right. Heh. Good times, Arianna. But then, without a trace of irony, there's this line:

Her brand of way, way over-the-top rhetoric, trading on hatred, demonizing, and caricature is doing to the American body politic what a three-month meth bender does to crank junkies.

Now, I'm no fan of Hannity or Coulter and am not interested in defending them here. But, um, isn't that sentence an apt description of the Huffington Post itself? An almost brazen lack of irony...truly priceless.

P.S. Was John Cusack not available for editing?

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