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Friday, March 31, 2006

Enforcing Immigration Laws

Sorry, one more immigration post...

In the discussion under an earlier post, one of our readers, Kent Keller, pointed out that the rule of law is breached due to "unequal enforcement". Kent alerted me to this development in California. Costa Mesa is only now passing a law that will allow its police officers to enforce immigration laws if they apprehend an illegal alien in a criminal act. In other words, the police in California did not even have the legal option to enforce the law prior to this legislation.

I grant that illegal aliens have broken the law. That's true by definition. It is also true that an authority that fails to enforce the law, or worse, makes it impossible procedurally to enforce the law shares in the guilt and must make restitution for creating an inequitable situation. I'm leaning toward Mr. Keller's suggestions:
  1. Give illegals the option to become citizens and learn English or go back to their native country.
  2. Charge a penalty for those who have indeed broken the law.
  3. Build a fence to protect flagrant violations of our border.
  4. Enforce the Rule of law evenly.

PLEASE NOTE: Costa Mesa is the only city in California enacting this revolutionary legislation. As I understand it, the police are powerless to enforce immigration laws in the rest of the state. I'm not a professional journalist, but I play one on this blog. Can someone verify this for me? This is unbelievable.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: The INS—is this the only agency that can enforce immigration law outside of Costa Mesa in California?—has its own option for immigrants: Green Cards for Green Backs. That's right, "10,000 Green Cards are made available every year to qualified investors."

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