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Thursday, March 30, 2006

To Conservative Listeners of NPR: Make a Pledge

In order to retain my conservative street creds, let me say the following:

(1) In those infrequent situations when I'm hanging with my conservative-only friends, I refer to NPR as "Commie-radio".

(2) I once turned the radio dial to another station when listening to Ira Glass interview David Sedaris. Mr. Sedaris began a seedy description of gay culture and my five-year-old son was in the car with me.

(3) I have on more than one occasion shouted out loud in visceral disagreement at the blatant bias during Morning Edition and All Things Considered (which, under the conditions of #1 I refer to as "All Things Considered from the Left")

(4) I laughed out loud in hearty agreement when Curtis White called Terri Gross' "Fresh Air" pornographic and the product of the "middle mind".

(5) I was shocked when this study ranked NPR as only the 8th most liberal out of 20 media outlets.

All that being said, I listen to NPR every day. I haven't missed a single formerly-Texaco Metropolitan Opera Broadcast in years. Despite my ideological disagreements, I think NPR has exceptional in-depth coverage of issues. I am much better equipped to talk to my left-of-center friends as a result of listening to NPR.

I pay for other liberal media. I have subscribed to Utne Reader, Mother Jones, and Harper's (where I read Curtis White's blast against Terri Gross.) NPR is no different. I pay for that too. If you're conservative and you listen to NPR, show that you really do have the high moral ground and pledge now*.

(The views of this post in no way reflect the views of other writers of this blog. This message has not been paid for by any agent of PBS, NPR, or its sponsors.)

*This is the link to Atlanta's WABE pledge drive form. For all those outside Alanta, you can find your station website here.

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