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Saturday, June 10, 2006

6/10 World Cup of Coffee

Quite a kick-off in Munich yesterday with three early goals between Germany and Costa Rica! Germany showed explosiveness but also vulnerability at the back. A better team than Costa Rica will punish Germany's defense, probably in the Rd. of 16 or quarters. It was a great win for Ecuador, proving doubters like me wrong by winning in Europe. Poland was very disappointing, but props to Ecuador for stringing together passes, converting their chances, and being strong at the back. A quick look at today's matches:

My gut feeling is that this match is going to be tougher than some anticipate. Paraguay has gotten out of group play at the last two WCs, only to lose in '98 to eventual champion France and in '02 to finalist Germany. My nagging doubt about England is that the whole never seems to equal the parts. Despite great talent, I'm not sure Sven has found the right chemistry or formation on the field. A struggle for a while, but eventually 2-1 England.

This is going to get ugly, pure and simple. Sweden is loaded with offensive weapons and T & T is just overmatched. It's great for their fans and country to be here. Enjoy it, as much one can whose team is getting beat like...Sweden 4-0.

This could be the match of the day. We all know--or at least expect--Argentina to be one of the stallions of the tournament. But what a chance for the world to see the amazing talent flowing out of the Ivory Coast. I guarantee you the likes of Drogba and Toure will not be intimidated. I'm going with a highly entertaining 1-1 draw.

So, are you a soccer intellectual?

Goal Post: I just found out that Frankin Foer, author of How Soccer Explains the World, has a World Cup blog going over at the New Republic site. Sweeeeet.

Finaly, there will be no robot dancing for Cambodian monks watching the World Cup.

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