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Saturday, June 03, 2006

6/3 World Cup of Coffee

We at Dignan's 75 Year Plan are committed to being your World Cup headquarters, in addition to culture, politics, and Dignan's determined quest to see Oprah awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (um, kidding). Yesterday, I laid out the plan and today we'll begin with a history lesson and a daily digest.
Just imagine yourself sitting in a pub a week from now, and a Dutch midfielder dribbles through half the defense and beats the keeper for a goal. Now you will be able to lean over to the next guy and say, "That reminds me of Maradona against England in '86." Er, or something like that. Pub conversation fodder headquarters right here, folks.

I've got two suggestions for getting a taste of the World Cup's history. The National Soccer Hall of Fame has a nice, user-friendly website detailing the tournament history--including overview, interesting facts and records, statistics, etc. Second, Mike Collett of Reuters has written a five-part history of the World Cup. Don't let the five parts fool you, they're short, readable, and interesting. So here is Collett's History of the World Cup...
Part I: 1930-1954
Part II: 1958-1966
Part III: 1970-1978
Part IV: 1982-1990
Part V: 1994-2002

Daily Digest:

Where Do We Stand?
World Cup Blog assesses each group in light of recent friendly matches, injuries and momentum shifts as we are just six days away from the Cup. Still time to change those picks!

Pele or Ronaldinho?
Brazilian experts ask who is the better player: the Brazilian legend or the consensus best player in the world right now.

Can England Win the World Cup?
Every four years, a nation spirals into neurosis over this question before the inevitable quarterfinal loss via penalty kicks...

P.S. Thanks to Santo Subito for the group chart photo.

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