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Friday, April 07, 2006

Dignan For Congress: Why I Am Qualified

Let me continue to thank all of those out there who have emailed me with commitments of financial support. If these emails keep up, I will be filing for my candidacy soon.

I would also like to address a pretty major question that was posed to me over the past two days:
"What makes you think you are qualified? You are just a nobody."
This is a fair question and is bound to come up, seeing that most people just see me as some silly name behind a blog. So who is Dignan?

I am an Atlanta native (4th generation at least) and have lived in the district for over 30 years. That alone makes me more qualified than many asking the question who don't even live in Georgia. I know the district. I know the people. I am a product of the district's school system. I have long been an active member of the community through involvement at my church, as a board member of a local community alliance, and even as a coach of youth sports. I am a successful businessman.

Most importantly, I am a person willing to act upon my convictions. Talk is cheap. Action is what makes leaders.

I found myself in the position of having an opportunity to act back in the fall during the days after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I was not willing to sit back and simply write about what was happening. I felt compelled to do something.

So I formed a task force with my church and with others spread throughout the Southeast to provide temporary housing for people who lost their homes during the hurricane.

I could mention other occasions where I have decided to act rather than talk. But I will let a few who know me attempt to answer this question about who I am.

I'm not a rich man, but I will gladly contribute $100 to your campaign, even though we sometimes differ in our political opinions. And I will also offer my services to your campaign—someone's gotta edit those speeches and press releases, right?

Why would I do this to support someone who I disagree with on many things? Because I trust Will, and know he's a good guy. And his approach to this whole thing is actually quite refreshing. Power to the People!

Go get 'em Dignan! - from a 4th District voter who worked on the Kerry campaign in '04.

I always hate when musicians I like put out albums I don't like. And I thought that no matter how much I love and respect Will Hinton and enjoy his company, it would be the same sort of thing if he ran for politcal office. His political views would be too different from mine for me to vote for him.

But now he goes and picks the one race where I can vote for him with enthusiasm. Are you gonna have a sign I can put in my yard? - Another 4th District voter

Let me finally answer the question about my qualifications by pointing out the problem with this question. As hokey as it sounds, I truly believe that this nation was made to be governed BY the people, FOR the people. Other than my willingness to act, I am a pretty normal guy. I am not a rich guy nor a career politician. I'm not going to worry about whether I have the classic qualifications that the experts think I should have. Because at the end of the day, the biggest qualification is being willing and able to lead. And I am ready.