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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Today we had a school conference with our older daughter's teacher. She was explaining what the kids are learning in class. She talked about their coloring and then talked about how she was teaching the kids to color in between the lines and not to go out of the lines. She seemed a bit apologetic about it and made sure that we knew that they gave the kids opportunities to color any way they wanted to in order to encourage creativity.

This made me think of how most schools don't even bother to teach kids to color in between the lines because they don't want to "stifle creativity". This is pure nonsense but it is this type of thinking that has led us to the state of "arts" that we have now.

I have no problem with various forms of abstract art. However, how can creativity really flourish without a foundation of proper technique. By proper technique, I don't mean having to color between the lines but being able to color between the lines.

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