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Friday, January 28, 2005

Democrats should look to Blair as a model

Jay Nordlinger continues his report from Davos today on I was particularly struck by his report of Tony Blair's speech at Davos. A refreshing thing about Blair is that he is not afraid to talk in the language of "right and wrong". This is the "values" that was much debated after the election.

I am afraid that the Democratic party is becoming more and more irrelevant. This continuing dash to the extreme left is going to leave a vacuum, since we are set up for a two-party system. I say that I am afraid because this will enable the Republican party to move more to the left. (Don't believe me? just watch) and one party in power is a recipe for distaster. I see two possibilities that could emerge:

1) the Libertarian party could decide to grow up, ditch its weirdos, and become the alternative.
2) the creation of a Christian Democrat party, similar to what is found in Europe. This type of party could better address the "values" concerns of many voters who tend to be socially conservative but economically liberal.

I agree that this seems far fetched, but who would have predicted that the Democrats in the US would have collectively lost their minds as this point?

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