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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Good balance to this stupid Sponge Bob controversy

I found this excellent interview with the founder of Veggie Tales today on What a refreshing perspective. (Not at all surprising considering the source)

The crazy stereotypes that non-Christians sometimes have about Christians are not entirely unfounded, particularly when we make nonsensical statements. While I understand the concern about the current idolotry of political-social tolerance (as opposed to true Biblical tolerance), we should seek to be "fools for Christ", not simply fools.

Why do we keep doing this? I was reminded of the talk back when I was growing up of how playing Led Zeppelin backwards resulted in talk of Satan. There were fewer things that made adults seems dumber at the time than that sort of idiocy.

As a parent of two girls, I am certainly interested in what they are exposed to. But I would rather have an intelligent discussion with them than come up with dumb lies about the "evils" of the media they consume.

So repeat after me, "Sponge Bob is NOT gay!" (I'm not sure about that Bert and Ernie pair though)

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