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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Great Things Afoot: UN to Save World

Another outstanding article on The Diplomad today regarding economic development in developing countries (is 3rd World not PC these days?)

The Diplomad makes a very good point about a recent UN document that outlines how to end world poverty:

"1) Sachs, a smart man who should know better, calls for a doubling of investment by rich countries in poor countries. What does that mean? Should the US and UK governments, for example, force private companies to invest in poor countries? Make them move their factories there? Regardless of lousy legal and security conditions? Or should those governments just give the money away? How would that be different from what's been tried in the past?"
I would add two more questions. 1) How many countries have improved their economies through international aid? 2) How many countries have been subjugated by the US and improved their economies?

Answer: 1) None 2) Two (Japan & Germany)

Not to say that we should go around subjugating other countries (though worse things could happen), but the US is in the position it is for a reason.

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