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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Top 10 Beer List

Oh what the hell. The last post got me thinking, so I've decided to make this list. As you can tell, I am quite partial to Belgian beers.

10. Sweetwater 420

This is the most readily available beer on my list. I can generally find this at most bars I frequent in Atlanta. If I can't find this, it's usually Coke instead.

9. De Dolle Oerbier

Had this at an amazing bar in Chicago, Hopleaf Bar. Hints of apples and raisins. Just noticed last week that Green's is carrying this now.

8. La Fin Du Monde

Unibrou out of Canada is one of the better N. American breweries. They make this outstanding Belgian pale ale. When I am looking for something a little lighter, this is often what I turn to.

7. Trois Pistoles

This is my favorite beer that Unibrou makes. This is quite the strong beer with hints of cherry and caramel.

6. J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2003 (Port Cask)

This barleywine that I mentioned in the previous post is debuting at #6. I'm itching to have another one.

5. Tripel Karmeliet

This is the first Belgian beer I ever had. I bought this at Hercules Fancy Grocery in the Village. Hercules himself recommended it. This is a lighter beer with higher than usual carbonation that is imminently drinkable.

4. St. Bernardus Abt 12

The picture of the smiling monk is reason enough to buy it. This is the beer I drink the most. I can usually get a 4-pack for about $7; what a deal. An outstanding Quadruppel that hides the high ABV well.

3. Three Philosophers

My favorite from the American brewery, Ommegang. Who knew that Americans could make sure a great Belgian-style beer? As far as I can tell this only comes in a 750ml bottle. Probably the most complex tasting beer I have had with quite the cherry overtones.

2. Rochefort 10

This is my favorite that I can get with regularity. The first time I had this my wife asked me if I was wearing cologne. My favorite beer to sit back and sip slowly.

1. Trappist Westvleteren 12

This is the Mac-Daddy of them all. I finally had this beer in an outstanding bar in Chicago, Hopleaf Bar, with my friend Randall. Dark, complex, and very smoooooooth.

Update: Here is my newly revised Top 10 list.

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