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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bowing at the altar of diversity

Those who know me know of my contempt for public schools in this country. My contempt is mostly because most schools no longer make education their number one priority. The new priorities seem to be developing self-esteem and promoting diversity.

This has raised a very interesting question for me. (Please remember that I am thinking out loud.) Upon what basis do we say that diversity is good? And I don't mean just good. Is diversity good in an absolute manner?

I am all in favor of getting know people not like me. God knows I have plenty of experience. In 8th and 9th grades, I was the only white guy at my lunch table. But I never thought about it in the context of diversity. They were just the guys I hung out with.

Another question: why should we promote diversity, in particular racial diversity, in churches? I'm not saying that we shouldn't. Obviously many historically white churches in America have a shameful past of actively excluding non-whites. But is it enough to simply create an environment welcoming to all or must we actively seek out those not like us to be in our churches? And how does this jive with the admirable goal of having a community church that serves the local neighborhood, especially if that neighborhood is pretty homogeneous.

Please take my questioning seriously. I'd love for someone to show me scripture that show the virtue of diversity or some other proof.

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