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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Breaking news: Church decides wealth creation is good

I am often amazed at Christians' attitude towards money. This week's Sunday Times had an article about how an umbrella group of British churches has stated that wealth creation is good. How long did it take them to figure out that people living in squalor is not a good thing and that wealth creation is the antidote to physical poverty?

While there is a plethora of verses in the Bible regarding money, it is the love of money that is condemned. Many Christians today look down upon anyone that has a lot of money, regardless of their attitude towards their money. I don't mean this to be an apology for wealthy people, but we are missing the boat if we demonize those who have and glorify those who don't. There are many poor people who make an idol of money and many rich people who care nothing about money.

I particularly liked a quote in this article:

"News of the change in church thinking was welcomed by one of Britain’s most overtly Christian multi-millionaires. Robert Edmiston, the chairman of car importer IM Group and a prominent evangelical, said he saw no problem with profits. "

"He warned, however: “The church should not change its values. God is interested in character and in the attitude of our heart. In past centuries, poverty was elevated because Jesus himself was poor. "

"In earlier times wealth was seen as the blessing of God and many great Old Testament figures were wealthy and did great things with their wealth, so we need to recover the balance. It’s what we do with the wealth which really counts.”

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