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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Breaking news on kidnapped soldier

You may have heard here , here , here , here or here about the US soldier who has been captured and put on videotape by terrorists in Iraq. Below is the picture that was released of this unidentified soldier.

We now have news of the exciting rescue that happened early this morning. Marines and the Navy SEALS were sent in for a daring rescue.

Once on the scene, our military forces discovered Mulder and Scully already at work to discover the perpetrators.

The intrepid investigators tracked the kidnappers to a desolate cave where they found the elusive Osama Bin Laden!

Under intense questioning, bin Laden admitted that he was not the terror mastermind that the media had made him out to be. Detailed analysis of his computer showed the true mastermind behind Al Qaeda to be none other than....

Montgomery Burns!!!

“But now it’s time to say goodbye. Please get off my property, until next year. I suggest you don’t dawdle, the hounds will be released in ten minutes.”

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