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Monday, February 14, 2005

Christian bookstores

Interesting article on MSNBC about the downfall of Christian bookstores. Poetic justice if you ask me. Christian bookstores ceased to serve a good purpose long ago. I haven't bought anything from a Christian bookstore in over 15 years; but I have bought plenty of Christian books online. However, one issue that this article doesn't touch on that was the primary reason for me leaving Christian bookstores is the fact that Christian bookstores rarely sell anything other than self-help garbage clothed in "Christian ghetto slang".

Heaven forbid that I would want to buy Calvin's Institutes or Berkhof's Systematic Theology. What is interesting is that Christian bookstores are losing out to the big chains because of lack of selection. My local Borders has a tenth the amount of Christian books as most Christian bookstores. However, the books they do have are far better than the selection at the Christian bookstores.

Look at the top 10 best sellers at Family Bookstore:

The Rising - Exclusive Signature Edition
by Tim LaHaye

Monster - Exclusive Signature Edition
by Frank Peretti

He Chose the Nails
by Max Lucado

by John Eldredge

Love & Respect
by Emerson Eggerichs

The Dateable Rules
by Justin Lookadoo

The Five Love Languages
by Gary Chapman

Dateable - Are You? Are They
by Justin Lookadoo

Ending The Search For Mr. Right
by Michelle McKinney Hammond

Your Best Life Now
by Joel Osteen

So let's see, 7 self-help books, 2 bad fiction books, and a devotional type book. The shame of this is that this is what people are buying. No wonder Ron Sider is asking "Why are Christians living just like the rest of the world?" in The Scandal of the Evangelical Concience. That is a heinous list.

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