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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Continuing dialog with a liberal

I don't really like the title of this post and the previous posts on the topic in retrospect. I don't want to turn my new email friend into just a label. It's amazing how things change when you start talking with each at other rather than at each other. For those who haven't been following this thread, the original post is here with my followup here. I'll try to respond to this one today or tomorrow.

"First, thanks for the thoughtful, speedy response and the information regarding christianity and the environment. I think the argument is really based in the "conservative" principle of personal responsibility. We inhabit the only liveable planet we know of, and there should be very little discourse on whether or not it is important to preserve it. As far as I can tell, the differences don't come when deciding if we should, but rather how we should. I think those conversations are much needed, and would be easier to navigate without special interest money on both sides continually getting in the way. If we are honest, we realize that whether we are secular individuals or God-centric, keeping the land responsibly is in the best interest of our generation and those to follow. "

"I feel I should acknowledge that Dr. Sowell is indeed the best source of insight with regard to his article on liberal protest. I really must have been on a derailed brain train when I was looking for a way to respond on his site, but I was happy to read what you had to say anyway. From your response, I doubt he would have taken me very seriously or "suffered" my reaction very well at all. I can understand that he was directing the piece to a specific audience, and yes, we have plenty of those on the left. I always joke with my Republican friends that we'll give up Michael Moore if you guys will get rid of Ann Coulter. The chick freaks me out. "

"I admit I was immediately intrigued when you mentioned hunting. I would LOVE to have that debate, although I think you may be a bit surprised by my opinions. Before we get into that one, you should know that while growing up I spent my summers in central Pennsylvania with my extended family and the rest of the time with my mother in southern Pennsylvania (read: Amish country), so depending on your point of view it may not be much of a debate. My uncle is an avid hunter and fisherman and since I'm biased, I'll go ahead and say that the most beautiful forests in the country are in my home state. Though from what I have seen, New Hampshire and Tenessee give them a hell of a run for their money. "

"Returning to the argument regarding protest, when you add media influence the scene changes dramatically, mainly in that if no one gets arrested it's not interesting news. Also, to be as honest as possible, people holding signs saying "GOD HATES FAGS" aren't taken very seriously. Talk about intolerance. I think everyone is in some way guilty of this, because if you are passionate about something there's a natural inclination to shun opposition. "

"Since we have begun a truthful dialogue, I will say that I believe that recent urgency on the part of the left is derived from a bit of desperation. We are not winning many battles. It's as simple as that. For those of us to whom our country and its laws are deeply important, these are trying and frightening times. What we hold to be true is questioned, dissected, and could be discarded. That can make for some scary stuff. This brings me to your last assertion that in the Democratic party there is no room to move on abortion, whereas on the right there are various opinions and fast-held beliefs. I disagree. I think the essential difference between the two is that Democrats almost categorically agree that no matter what your own personal and religious beliefs are, those beliefs should not be imposed on someone else. I also think there are strides being made within the party to become more reasonable on this subject."

"I'm looking forward to any opinions or extra info you may have. Thanks again,"

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