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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Power Line: The Democrats' Maginot Line

Excellent post today at Power Line about Social Security and the Democratic opposition. The Democrats have put themselves in a corner by not being willing to consider any reform to Social Security. This is amusing as they have for years warned about problems with Social Security.

The Democratic argument is really a non-argument. "There isn't a problem!"

Is there anyone that honestly believes that?

As a former government employee, I can also speak to all the talk about the retirement plans that government employees have. Contrary to claims from the left that these plans simply supplement Social Security, government employees have the ability to opt out of Social Security. On my Social Security report that I get each year showing what I have paid in, I have a gap of a year where I opted out when I was a government employee. I think that I will get a better return on hiding my money from that year in a sock under my mattress.

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