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Monday, February 14, 2005

Thinking out loud

I generally don't like blogging about blogging. However, my last post made me think about it some. One of my regular readers made some very fine comments that made me realize that I had really simplified my argument and had not given it the thought that it needed.

I have a particular challenge in blogging. I am one of those people who thinks out loud; I find talking out issues with people as the best way for me to think about things. As a result, I often make rash or simplistic statements when I first verbalize or, in this case, write them.

The urgency of posting compounds this problem. I generally want to post 4-5 times a day in order to give people a reason to visit my blog; however, that requires time to not only write my posts but then read over them and make any necessary changes.

Anyone else out there have that same problem?

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