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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Who's diverse?

Big props to La Shawn Barber for linking to me today. She has an excellent post today about the diverse crowd at last week's CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), particularly as it relates to Christians being involved in politics. Once again it seems that the Right is much more tolerant of various viewpoints than the Left is.

It made me think of a group of friends that I get together with monthly to discuss politics, religion, philosophy, urban development, etc. While we are mostly evangelical Christians, our political ideologies include libertarians, classical liberals (aka conservatives), and some who are socially conservative but economically liberal. Yes, we are united by our faith in Jesus Christ, but we all have differing views as to how our faith plays inself out in politics. The best part is that we all are learning from each other.

Sometimes I wonder, though, if it wouldn't be better for those on the Left to keep believing in the "Religious Right" bogeyman and the accompanying nightmares.

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