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Friday, March 18, 2005

Congressional hearings on steroid use in baseball

I never thought that anything would occur to make me like Donald Fehr, the Major League Baseball Players Association chief, but it happened yesterday. After the labor dispute in 1994, I vowed to never pay to attend a MLB baseball. (I still haven't) I don't so much care how much players get paid; they are worth exactly what someone is willing to pay. However, I find it beyond tacky to publically complain of making only $10 million a year. I viewed Donald Fehr as the prime culprit in much of this.

Yesterday the House Committee on Government Reform held a hearing into steroid use in professional baseball. Congress invited a handful of current and retired players to testify, along with MLB executives and MLBPA executives.

I don't understand is why this is any of Congress's business. Steroids are already considered illegal substances, so this is the jurisdiction of law enforcement agencies or MLB. I've been wondering why Congress was involved in this issue. I found out yesterday.

Do not ever underestimate the ability of Congressmen to grandstand. I was appalled at the blatant preening and self-serving rhetoric of our public servants. The Congressmen on the committee seemed more interested in waxing poetic on their love for the game. I was particularly irked by the pomposity of Lyn Westmoreland, Bernard Sanders, and Stephen Lynch. These gentlemen in particular have entered my Hall of Shame. As irritated as was by the members of this committee, I was most impressed by Donald Fehr, who was forthright and did not seem to be bothered by the insulting and accusing questions.

Hall of Shame

Are there not more important issues for Congress to be dealing with? I find it highly insulting for Congress to be worried over a game while there are issues of life and death to be dealing with.

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