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Monday, March 07, 2005

Do you think I'm sexy?

I heard one of the weirdest interviews on the radio Friday afternoon. It was on Fresh Air with Terry Gross and she was interviewing John Travolta. She is usually a pretty good interviewer but she asked a series of the weirdest questions I have ever heard. I can't find the transcript online so I will try to paraphrase.
"People view you as a sex symbol. In light of that, is sex better for you? I mean, do you feel sexy all the time? And do you think you enjoy sex more than most people?" - Terry Gross
Beyond being such a stupid question, it made me wonder at how we have cheapened sex so much. Contrary to the ill informed stereotypes of evangelical Christians like me, I do not think that sex is dirty nor only meant for procreation.

But I do think that it is much greater than what most people think. Am I the only one that sees the irony of such a sex-obsessed society that has such a low view of sex? When was the last time you heard a standup comedian do a routine without jokes about sex?

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