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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

How to Mix Religion and Politics

Rarely do I just link to an article as opposed to writing my own article. But this morning I found an outstanding article at Tech Central Station about mixing politics and religion. Here is a quick sample:
"We are constantly told by liberals -- or "progressives," or "the reality-based community," or however it is they are marketing themselves this week -- that religion and politics ought never to be mixed. Religion, it is said, should be confined as far as possible to the private sphere. In the public square, it is secular considerations alone that ought to get a hearing. The problem with these claims is that there is absolutely nothing serious to be said in their defense. We can of course readily concede that the Constitution forbids the establishment of any particular denomination as the official religion of the United States; I know of no one who denies this. But the question is not whether membership in some church or synagogue or other ought to be compulsory. The question is whether religious arguments should have the same standing in public life as secular arguments, and the answer is that there is no good reason they should not."

I have heard this argument made many times. But it is sheer nonsense and insulting to ask a Christian to leave their beliefs at the door when becoming involved in politics. Asking me to leave my beliefs at the door is in essence telling me that I am not welcome at all. I can't leave my beliefs at the door anymore than a secularist can leave their beliefs.

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