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Friday, March 04, 2005

I'm turning into a journalist

One of the great things about blogs is the ability to link to various sources to prove one's point. There is nothing like making an argument for something and then be able to link directly to source data.

I think some people view blogs as akin to opinion pundits. While certainly there is much to that analogy, I think some bloggers are closer to real journalist. Many of the best bloggers link directly to various sources so that there is no doubt as to the truth of a story.

As great as linking is, the veracity of a story is still only as good as its source. In in political discussions, many people will refuse to believe a story if it comes from a source politically opposite them.

I discovered today that nothing beats old-fashioned journalism and going directly to the source. I had a discussion today with a friend about the comment that Howard Dean has made about Republicans being evil. This friend told me that it was probably hearsay or that some partisan hack had made it up. I don't blame this person at all for thinking this, as many news outlets hadn't picked up on the story yet. But I wanted to know the truth....

So I called the reporter, Joel Mathis, who wrote the original story. Who ever thinks to do that? :)

Me: "Hi, this is Dignan with, um.......well with no one. I actually write a blog"
Joel: "Oh really, which blog?"
Me: ", Dignan's 75 Year Plan."
Joel: Pause.........."Uh ok....."
Me: "Yeah.....I'm pretty much a nobody."

I then proceeded to ask him about the quote in question. He told me that he was indeed at the Dean event in question and that the quote was indeed correct and that there wasn't anyway of interpreting what Dean said other than "Republicans are evil".

I don't bring this up as a gotcha to my friend. In fact, that is why I have decided to keep him anonymous to ensure that I don't bust him in public.

I used to think that it was only the Michelle Malkins or Glenn Reynolds who would call and confirm stories. Not anymore.

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