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Friday, March 11, 2005

Os Guinness Looks Evil in the Eye

Sorry for the gap in posting from me. I'm in the midst of writing a long post that I hope to finish today. In the meantime, let me recommend an excellent interview with Os Guinness in Christianity Today on the subject of evil. Here is a little teaser...

Do you consider natural disasters like the South Asian tsunami to be evil, or simply unfortunate?

Following the tsunami, we saw a rush to judgment from many Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and some Christian spokesmen. It happened for this or that reason, they said. This is quite wrong. We simply do not know why it happened or why God permitted it, and we can be as cruel as Job's "comforters" when we say we know why when we don't. We Christians must begin as Jesus did when he dismissed his contemporaries who judged the victims of the riots put down by Herod or those crushed by the collapsing tower. In the biblical view, natural disasters are the dark, sad fruit of a world gone awry because of the Fall, and they are clearly part of the creation that is groaning in anticipation of its coming restoration.

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