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Friday, March 04, 2005

Response to Public Theologian

Last week I wrote a post about an interview with Public Theologian. In particular I took him to task for claiming that "Democrats have the moral high ground". Tim has since written a long response in my comments section.

I'm not going to respond to each point that he makes, but I really do want to address one assumption that Tim makes that is inaccurate.

Tim tries to make the point that because Bush (and Republicans) are cutting back domestic spending, we conservatives are morally wrong as it relates to how we care for the poor.

This assertion is incorrect in that it assumes that the only way to care for the poor is through government means. This assertion is also insulting is that it assumes bad or indifferent intentions and motives on the side of conservatives like myself. I don't think I am reading too much into what Tim said. By claiming that Democrats have the moral high ground, he is saying that I am immoral or lacking in morality, particularly on the issue of caring for the poor.

In my ongoing discussion with my friends on the left, I hope we can get beyond this language that makes the other side out to be the enemy. I fully understand that Tim feels strongly about this issue and I commend him for it. There are fewer things better to do in this life than be concerned for the poor or oppressed. But there are a multitude of ways to do it.

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