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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Scandal of Prosti-tots

I just discoved a great new blog today - Who Moved My Truth? Ally has a good concise piece today on the trend of people dressing their daughters in provocative clothing. As a father of two girls, I have pretty strong opinions on this issue.

I actually commented to my wife about a week ago that people are now dressing their young daughters like ho's. We were at a park last weekend and noticed a girl around 5-6 years old wearing vinyl knee high boots and a vinyl miniskirt.

I am talking about kids between the ages of 4 and 8, not teenagers. I bring that up because it is not often the case that 4 year olds have opinions about the clothes they wear like teenagers do. What that means is that parents are dressing their daughters like this, not because of constant begging and pleading, but because of their own choices.

One of the issues here, not often discussed, is how difficult it is to find clothes for girls that don't make them look like ho's. While there is certainly some blame to be placed on parents, much blame should be put on retailers, not so much for offering such horrid clothes, but for not offering other options.

I know I probably sound like some old fogey (which I am not) but I see this as a terrible indictment of our society.

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