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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Top 5 Underrated Blogs

Like most of you, I tend to read many blogs that are quite popular and have lots of readership. However, there are some that I read daily that often are under the radar. I've decided to highlight these blogs today as some of my favorite underrated blogs. I defined underrated as those blogs that are less than "Large Mammal" status on TLB's Ecosystem. I encourage you to send them some traffic and link to them.

Signpost Lounge - I'm biased towards Signpost Lounge since Paddyco is a good friend of mine. Regardless, his writing is excellent and he covers a wide variety of topics. Two of my favorite posts of his are "How To Dismantle a Culture War" and his "Response to Katrina vanden Heuvel"

The Radical Centrist - I was quite surprised to see that Jay is not higher in the ecosystem. I read him every morning and he always makes me think. I appreciate Jay's call for reasoned discussion in this post

Faithful Progressive - FP has become my favorite progressive. I have enjoyed a very good ongoing dialogue with FP for the past month or so. He also provides me with many issues to grapple with and challenges my assumptions. I especially enjoyed his post about his recent trip down South.

Dialogical Coffee House - For those of you who think that Christian equals stupid, let me point you to the Dialogical Coffee House. These are some smart guys that tackle some tough issues. Check out this article that discusses how Christians might think about government and politics.

Aslan Is On The Move - Derek is one of my favorite Christian thinkers. I knew I was going to like his blog when I saw that he was a Lesslie Newbigin fan. Derek just wrote an excellent piece on how Christians should start thinking about globalization.

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