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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My most prized possession


My wife and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary. We actually have a daily reminder of our wedding in our dining room.

This painting was done by our good friend Brent Weston, a very accomplished Atlanta artist. Brent is best known for a series of paintings of old Atlanta restaurants that he did in the mid '90s. For our wedding gift, Brent decided to paint our wedding reception as it was happening. Brent did a little prep work earlier in the day to paint some of the room but filled in the rest including the people during the reception. Some of our best friends are in the painting along with one of my favorite uncles who has since passed away. This picture doesn't really do the painting justice as it was done with guash and has such amazing texture.

If my house were on fire and all the family was out safe, this painting would be the first thing that I would save.

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