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Monday, April 25, 2005

"One nation under your belief system"

Last week, Michelle Malkin referenced a story in the Washington Times about a school that has altered the Pledge of Allegiance to say "One nation, under your belief system" rather than "One nation under God".

Michelle was quite disturbed by this, as I am sure many others are. I can certainly respect this opinion.

However, a part of me wonders what there is to get worked up over people who don't believe in God not wanting to say that they believe in God. Do we really want people verbalizing a belief that they don't hold? Doesn't this actually undermine the profession of true belief.

I think that this is all too common in the South where I grew up. There are many who claim to be Christians simply because mommy and daddy were and they grew up going to church. I'm certainly not one to judge the veracity of other's beliefs, but I suspect that there are plenty of people that grew up in "Christian" households that don't actually believe in the claims of Jesus.

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