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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Every blogger needs a wingman

I'm not talking about trolling for chicks. I'm talking about in our blogosphere discussions and debates.

I often don't see all sides of an issue. I have found it very helpful to have someone who knows me well to join in the discussion in the comments section or to review my posts. I don't always have to agree with my wingman but it's nice to have someone shoot me an email saying "Dude, you might want to make some edits to that lame post you just wrote."

Godric has been a long-time wingman but has been super busy with a new job lately. He is the best in-house editor a blogger could ever ask for.

Magoo has recently stepped into the role as another great wingman. Magoo is "one of the smartest guys I know" and his background really compliments mine in many of these discussions.

I salute you, wingmen!

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