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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The failure of public education in America

Some of you may have heard about the story last week out of Atlanta about the high school teacher who was fired for lowering the grade of a student who slept in his class. The county school system has a policy that forbids teachers from using grades as a disciplinary meausure.

And we wonder what is wrong with our education system. When did schools in America stop educating? Does the average person realize how bad our schools are?

Lest anyone think that I am only pointing fingers at school administrators and teachers, much of the blame goes to parents who have happily abdicated parenting responsibilities to schools. Many parents do little to prepare their children to learn and behave in school.

So what is the answer? It certainly isn't more money; we spend an insane amount of money per student. Is it more testing? This tactic seems to be a boon to companies that train students to take standardized tests but does little for true education.

So let me hear your thoughts, faithful readers.

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