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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Narcissism abounds

Let me recommend Peggy Noonan's article in today's Wall Street Journal. Somehow Peggy is able to make a rather cynical point without coming across too cynical. Does that make sense?

What is it about power that causes people to forget everything that they used to stand for? I know I am rather idealistic on this notion, but I think much of our collective distaste for politicians lie in the fact that when we send people to Washington, they seem to be taken over by aliens, with very few exceptions.

Both sides of the aisle are guilty of this. If you look at the accomplishments of most Senators and Congressmen, they generally revolve around paying back favors in the form of pork barrel spending. At least Democrats are a little more consistant in that they don't seem ideologically opposed to more government spending. How is it that Republicans, who gain office by opposing more federal spending, then go on to betray those who put them in power?

We so need a nationwide movement for term limits. Other than those in power, who exactly would oppose term limits?

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