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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Progressives don't have a monopoly on social justice

I wrote the following letter to someone on a discussion group today regarding differences between conservatives and progressive/liberals.

Thanks for your comments. You have highlighted my frustration as someone who tends to be conservative when it comes to the issue of poverty. Just as progressive and liberal Christians often feel persecuted because they don't toe the line with certain issues like prayer in school, sex education, etc, I and most conservative
Christians are often accused of not caring about the poor and ignoring Jesus's exhortations to care for the poor.

Just because I see the mandate to care for the poor given to the church as opposed to the government doesn't mean I don't want to care for the poor. I am not supporting policies that harm the poor when I oppose minimum wage laws. To say that conservatives aren't interested in social justice is no less demeaning that saying that progressives are amoral secularists.


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