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Monday, May 30, 2005

Suspended Danish minister who denied God's existence is back in the pulpit

This is insane. A Danish minister who denies the existance of God has been reinstated after being suspended. I have no problem with people standing for what they believe, even when they are wrong. But this quote about this story is entirely nonsensical:
"The government refused, saying he should be given another chance to explain himself to Jan Lindhardt, a regional bishop who has been one of his few defenders. Lindhardt has said that although he disagrees with Grosboell's views there should be room for him in Denmark's state church."
Why should there be "room" in a church for someone who disagrees with one of the most fundamental beliefs of that church? Would we say that there should be "room" in the Boy Scouts for pedophiles? Or "room" in the Democratic party for candidates who disagree with the entire party platform?

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