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Thursday, June 16, 2005

"The Five Classic Statements of Fundamentalism"

One of my frequent visitors, Public Theologian, left an interesting comment yesterday.
"all kinds of people on the right bristle if you call them a fundamentalist, even though they hold to the five classic statements of fundamentalism and even though they would vote the same way as fundamentalists 98 times out of a 100. They want to be called evangleicals so as to distinguish themselves from the Bob Joneses of this world."
I asked Public Theologian what those five classic statements of fundamentalism were and here was his response:
1) inerrancy of scripture
2) virgin birth/deity of Christ
3) substitutionary atonement
4)bodily resurrection
5)bodily second coming

I am still mulling through this. I'd love to get my readers thoughts on Public Theologian's assertion.

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