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Monday, June 27, 2005

Good article on centrism

Sorry for the lack of posting lately folks. I've been swamped with the day job and have a work related trip tomorrow. But I have a lot of ideas I am working on and will also have a very exciting announcement to make about the blog hopefully this week.

That being said, let me point you to a very good article I read recently from The Radical Centrist about "Doughnut Democrats". Here is an nice excerpt:
There are some who believe that unity of viewpoint is a sign of party strength. I strongly disagree. A healthy and strong party can confidently display its variety of opinions to voters, debate issues within the party and with the other party. find common ground, again both within the party and without, generate a reasonable compromise and then display party unity by voting through the compromise position. This is ultimately unsatisfying to the ideologists, but it is how things get done, and a sign of a party that can do things, rather than just complain.

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