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Sunday, June 05, 2005

I love New York!

Just got back from a fabulous week vacation in New York City. Most people go to the beach or the mountains for their summer vacation; we prefer a big city. Best of all, we got to spend our summer vacation with our best friends who live in New York.

I often don't like the term "blessed" because it is often overused among Christians. However, our friends have truly been blessed with their new home on the Upper West Side, picture here. I am already impressed with how they are using what God has given them to give back to others.

New York is such a great place for an extravert like myself. Extraverts get energy from being around people, so NYC is the ultimate. Just walking on the street, I feel such energy in the city. Every time I go to New York I make it a point to take a long walk somewhere I have never been.

One morning I took the subway to Brooklyn and had a nice walk along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. I love the view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan from here.

I love walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. I feel like I have stepped back in time. I really appreciate a place with a sense of history since Atlanta has almost none.

I really like this view of Midtown in the morning before the fog had burned off.

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