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Friday, July 15, 2005

Are US Prisons TOO Humane?

This is hard to believe. William Crutchfield in Snellville, GA went postal on 52 year old mail carrier Earl Lazenby, shooting the unsuspecting Lazenby seven times.

Lazenby's provocation? None. It turns out Crutchfield owed $90k for medical care and had learned that domestic terrorist Eric Rudolph had received a life sentence in federal prison. Crutchfield decided living out his days in prison-- 3 hots and a cot, plus medical care- was a pretty good deal.

But how to get into Hotel Sing Sing? Ah, shoot your mail carrier and ruin his life, a small price to pay for a lifetime of taxpayer supported food, housing, television and medical care. Then Crutchfield drove to the police station to check in to his new accommodations. He told the police what he had done and why.

Of course, as a die hard (intended) supporter of the death penalty, I would sentence Crutchfield to a taxpayer supported syringe filled with lethal fluids.

Also of course, there is probably someone, somewhere (maybe even a reader of this blog) who will say society failed Crutchfield and how immoral US society is to have driven Crutchfield to such an act. If only we had socialized medicine to accompany our socialized housing, Crutchfields wouldn't be coerced into such extreme measures. Yawn.

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