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Friday, August 26, 2005

Missing the Forest for the Trees

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe is a prominent Republican and is chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee. He has called the coalition on global warming “a farce” and says that it is an effort by “far-left environmentalists” to divert attention from family issues.

I am certainly not a "tree-hugger" but are not Christians supposed to be good stewards of the earth? I get the impression here that Inhofe actually knows very little about global warming, yet because people on the far left make this a big issue, he is going to do the opposite. Doesn't seem particularly principled to me. I certainly don't see the connection with family issues. Talk about a non sequitur.

Inhofe also said: “Those people who are the antithesis of everything we believe are trying to divide and conquer … and they have divided us." And he has called global warming “a hoax” and says evangelicals should heed the biblical injunction to worship the creator, not the creation.

What??? Since when is wanting to protect the earth equivalent with worshipping the earth? I am certainly suspicious of many left-wing plans to protect the environment. But that just means that those of us on the right, especially Christians, have an obligation to suggest better methods of protecting the earth, instead of pretending that the problem doesn't even exist.

Do I generally agree with most environmental groups? No. Do I agree with their methods? No. Do they have a point when they say that conservatives don't care about the environment? Yes.

Why isn't providing good stewardship of the environment a family values issue?

Inhofe is guilty of blindly orienting his positions to oppose all that his political opponents support.
"Greenpeace is for it? Ah, then I am against it."

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