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Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: News from the front lines

I am going to do my best to highlight over the coming weeks and months the sacrificial works of love that people around the country are doing to help those who have lost everything because of Hurricane Katrina. I'll start today by pointing you to some things I have already seen this weekend.

Presbyterian Church in America
Sometimes we Presbyterians can spend too much time discussing and debating things rather than getting things done. However, over the past week I have seen almost all "doing". Starting Tuesday, Ron and Judy Haynes, who head up the PCA's Mission to North America Disaster Response team, were on the ground in Mississippi coordinating relief work. The response from churches throughout the denomination has been unbelievable with offers of housing, clothing, transportation, and money.

simul justus et peccator
Batch Batchelder is on the ground in Gulfport, MS and unfortunately lost his home. But he is still providing constant updates on the relief efforts in coastal Mississippi. He has some great updates about work that MNA relief workers are doing and has lots of pictures. Please be praying for Batch and his family.

Relief work in Houston
Check out Common Grounds Online, where my friend Glenn Lucke has been covering the work of Second Baptist Church in Houston to help people who have been evacuated there.

Feel free to email me more news of good stuff happening.

Update: Just looking at the statistics from tonight. In a very short amount of time, people in the PCA have volunteered to temporarily house 878 people. That is outstanding!

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