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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: The PCA responds

I have been so impressed by the response of my denomination to Hurricane Katrina. Like any denomination, we have our faults. The PCA is sometimes viewed as rather insular and as a rich white-folks denomination. While there have been merits to that critique in the past, I think this is changing.

I am seeing this change most notably in all the PCA churches that are offering up temporary housing to those in need after Hurricane Katrina. At, churches or individuals have had the option to volunteer housing for PCA members or to anyone. As of this evening, PCA churches and individuals have volunteered housing for 2,372 people. And that number is growing as I type this.

What I have been most pleased to see is that 60% of the available housing has been for anyone, not just PCA members. What I am hoping to see is that these churches and individuals will go to some of the local shelters and ask to take a group of people for housing. I know that here in Atlanta, the Red Cross shelters are packed with people from Mississippi and Louisiana.

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