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Monday, September 05, 2005

Update: Temporary Housing for Hurricane Katrina victims

Thanks so much to all of you who have most generously offered temporary housing for victims of Hurricane Katrina. I am quite amazed at how many people have responded, including a family willing to drive down from Michigan to pick up a family for housing.

Through the power of the blogosphere, we have connected with a couple of remarkable people who have volunteered their skills and time to create a more formalized system for temporary housing needs, specifically for the Presbyterian Church in America. Huge thanks go out to Andy Chapman of Big River Systems and David Bass of Cascade Data Systems who have donated software, programming time, and web hosting to set up the PCA's Mission to North America Hurricane Katrina Disaster Response system at This new system is going to save a huge amount of time and will hopefully speed the process of finding housing for those in need. If you or anyone you know need web development help, please send your business to Andy or David.

Big thanks also go out to the diaconate at Woodruff Road Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC, who have most graciously volunteered their time to manage the system and will be following up with all of those offering housing and those in need of housing. These men will also be answering a phone 24/7 for those in need of temporary housing at 864-517-9058.

For those who have emailed me to indicate their availability to provide temporary housing, I have entered your information into the new system and you will be contacted as the needs arise.

I would like to make a request of all of my readers: as you receive word of the good things that are happening to people in need, please email me to let me know so that I can share them here. My friend at church, Chris DeLastic, is heading down to Mississippi and Louisiana with the Salvation Army soon and he has committed to provide me with daily updates. I'd love to get these from others of you.

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