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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What Should We Be Loyal To?

Tonight as I headed over to a coffeeshop that has free WiFi to do a little work I flipped through the stations on the radio and came upon Rush Limbaugh. I'm not much of a radio talk-show guy but I listened for a bit. Rush was very intent on reassuring his listeners that his lack of support for Harriet Miers was not a sign of disloyalty towards President Bush. I have heard this sort of talk quite a bit over the past few days and don't understand it at all.

Why in the world would I be loyal to President Bush??? I don't know the man nor do I know anyone who does. So upon what basis would I be loyal to him?

What I AM loyal to is a set of ideals. I am loyal to the idea of freedom. I am loyal to the idea of compassion. I am loyal to the idea of justice. And I suspect that all of those criticizing this appointment of President Bush feel the same way.

Our only loyalty to Bush begins and ends with HIS loyalty to our ideals. Now that I think about it, I can't see where Bush has been very loyal to those ideals. So wouldn't it be rather appropriate for most conservatives to NOT be loyal to Bush?

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