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Monday, November 21, 2005

More on Ralph Reed

I wrote a bit about Ralph Reed last week and am prompted to write again by an article in this past weekend's Atlanta Journal Constitution. The article mostly rehashes old news for those who have been following the campaign but I particularly noticed one paragraph:
"'Our paths may cross over the lieutenant governor's race,' Cagle remembers being told by Reed, former national Christian Coalition leader and a fellow Republican. 'I need you to know that God has called me to do this.'

Reed remembers the conversation slightly differently. He remembers telling Cagle that he had prayed about what to do and felt led to run."
I have no problem with Ralph having prayed about his campaign and feeling the way he does. But it seems rather arrogant and presumptuous to say so publically. I believe that these sort of statements make non-Christians very nervous with the fear that all sorts of decisions will be backed with a "God told me to do...". They make me as a Christian nervous as well.

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