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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dignan's #1 Blog of 2005: The American Scene

It is rare to find a blog that covers such a diverse range of subjects from politics, academia, films, literature, and culture much less one that does it so well. Ross Douthat's The American Scene is that blog. Joined by contributors Reihan Salam and Steven Menashi, Ross has put together a must read blog.

Much of my admiration for TAS and Douthat in particular is his ability to find common ground between establishment conservatism and social conservatism. Ross doesn't back down from the oft-derided moniker of social conservative by posting intelligent and winsome articles. No surprise that Douthat's day job is writing for The Atlantic Monthly, likely the best monthly periodical out there.

Please check out the following outstanding articles from TAS:
If there is any blog that I aim to be like, it is The American Scene. Keep up the great work gentlemen!

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