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Friday, December 30, 2005

Dignan's #1 Visitor of 2005: Rowboat

As I have said before, every blogger needs a wingman. And Rowboat has been a fantastic wingman this year. Even though he has not been around as much lately, his presence is always felt.

It is rare that I write a long substantive post without getting some feedback from Rowboat. Not only are his editing skills substantial, but he has had a huge influence upon the tone of this blog. For those who have known both of us for some time, it must be odd to not see fiery invective coming from us. But that is the influence that Rowboat has had on me especially in the past couple of years.

All aspiring bloggers would be wise to find someone like Rowboat to be a regular contributor to your blog.

Cheers to you my friend! Beer!

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