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Friday, December 30, 2005

Dignan's #2 Blog of 2005: Anthony Bradley

Every so often you discover a blog that is so good that you check it multiple times a day to see if there are any new posts or comments. Anthony Bradley's blog is one of those.

I still haven't figured out how Anthony and I have never met. We both grew up in Atlanta, went to the same church for a bit, are in the same denomination, and think pretty similarly.

Anthony has pretty much all the credentials to be a great blogger: he is a professor at Covenant Theological Seminary, is a fellow at the Acton Institute, and his blog is hosted by World Magazine. How is that for the trifecta.

The best part of Anthony's posts are his willingness to ask the hard questions that most people are afraid to ask. I generally hate the term "keepin' it real" but Anthony does this better than anyone I have seen.

I highly recommend the following posts:

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